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The Mindset behind this venture

Have you written a book with a great story that will inspire every reader? Get Published. An awesome book is now published. But, what next? Not crossing even the 3 digit mark in terms of sales?

Paper Planes Book Marketing is here for your help.

Publishing a book is just the half work. The other half is selling the book in masses and promoting it to such an extent that every reader knows about it. Generally, when a book is published, for it to be a success, 3 things must happen:

  • Excessive marketing on internet (Social sites, blogs etc.)
  • Proper and abundant reviews of the book
  • Promotional and reading sessions by the author

The last two being cost effective and also without any proper guidance remains untouched by most authors. The first factor is also time dependent. One can only succeed in faithful marketing if he devotes much of his time in marketing online which generally is not possible keeping in mind the busy schedule and improper tackling.

Due to all these reasons, the overall gap between the reader and the writer is not bridged resulting in no profit, no fame and not crossing the 2 or 3 figure mark in sales. Is that what an author want? Is that the actual response that a book should get? Is that the correct returns for your talents?

The answer is definitely “No.” An author, who invests time should get the best recognition and profits from the book. For making it a reality and for bridging the gap between the reader and the writer, Paper Planes Book Marketing always stand beside the authors and help them out.

What do we Do?

We at Paper Planes book marketing are committed to helping the authors in promoting their work at national levels with involving the authors in it. The promotion phases include online as well as offline sales and advertisements, author interviews, reviews by various bloggers and other necessary stuff helpful in promoting a book. This may include printing bookmarks, posters etc.

We also believe that promotion of all the genres cannot be done in a similar way. Different genres have different readers and similarly different sales pocket. So, for different authors with works from different genres, we have separate packages for them to ensure correct promotional strategy to get the best out of the book. All the help to the authors is done at very reasonable rates.

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What makes us Different?

Mostly book promoting agencies say what they do but fail to do what they say. We at Paper Planes Book Marketing do what we say and follow our commitment. The other strong point that we boast of is the complete transparent procedure. The author is involved at each step with proper notifications so that best results can be obtained. Thirdly, we are reasonable amongst other large promotional agencies and ensure quality work.

Authors’ Ink Marketing Services

Book Marketing process is just similar to the process of development of a house which includes laying down the base, preparing the walls and pillars, providing a concrete shelter to our process and then finishing. We at Paper Planes Book Marketing follow set strategies that ensure sustainable marketing and results that last long. Just like the pillars of the constructed house, book marketing also needs some pillars to stand on. All these pillars are well supported by the strategy of Paper Planes Book Marketing. These pillars are:

As android is the largest Operating System used in today’s world by the mobile phones and tablet users, it becomes very much necessary to create an android application for Android to promote sales and books. It helps in managing direct sales, promotional schemes, sample chapter distribution etc. Paper Planes Book Marketing help the author in building android applications so that more people can know and praise the work of the author.
Nothing sells if there are no strong customer reviews supporting it. Books are no different. Mostly the sale is originated by the word of mouth i.e. one reader suggests the book to other and the chain continues. This can only be done by reviews by eminent bloggers and book reviewers with a massive following. Paper Planes Book Marketing helps in getting the book reviewed on various e-platforms and blogs of eminent bloggers.
Nothing is effective till its visible. Distribution of sample chapters through online channels, android apps, book stores etc. is an important technique which helps to make your work visible. Visibility here means that the reader gets to read your sample work for free and if interested, he can go on to buy the book. Paper Planes Book Marketing help in distributing sample chapters through online platforms and bookstores in retail.
Most readers are addicted to bookmarks of different styles and crave for them. Attractive Bookmarks are a great source for promotions. The most important advantage of Book Marks distribution is that only genuine readers are reached by this technique which gives a great chance of flaming sales rocket. Paper Planes Book Marketing help in distributing bookmarks through online platforms and bookstores.
The best and the easiest way to get media coverage as well as the attention of the readers is to organize a book launch. With the help of media coverage, the news of the launch can reach various readers and bookstores triggering the sale of the book. These book launches are best done with the help of great links. Paper Planes Book Marketing help in arranging quality book launches across the nation.
Social Media is the most easily accessible and the cheapest way to promote anything including books. The author can himself reach masses and promote his/her book. Leading social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. For the promotion on social media, it is necessary to promote using attractive posters. Paper Planes Book Marketing helps the author in providing the necessary banners which help to attract customers hence promoting sales.
Promoting through a website is of vital use. You can invite fellow authors to write few write-ups on your website which triggers sharing your website and regular visits increase. This helps in spreading your name among the audience linked to the fellow authors which help in increasing sales. Paper Planes Book Marketing helps the author to get personalized websites.
In the modern era of the digital world, the newspaper still manages to be the most widely spread network. Most readers always read newspaper in the morning which makes promotion through newspapers an important part of the promotion. Paper Planes Book Marketing get reviews publishes in national newspapers which help in increasing interest and sales.
In a study, many people like spending time watching random videos on youtube and shared videos on facebook etc.. Attractive videos not only help to generate interests but also helps to trigger sharing it to masses. Paper Planes Book Marketing provides book trailers for authors.

Why Choose Us

All these are the necessary services that help in promoting book and Paper Planes Book Marketing are the masters of it as we understand book marketing better than basic algebra.

Along with this, now get along with Paper Planes Book Marketing to promote your books and arrange special reading and tea sessions at Café Coffee Day with mind-boggling discounts.

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