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Author’s Ink is a publishing house with a difference. We make publishing a fun process. With shorter response times and better royalties, we reduce your worries and make you see your book in print sooner than you expect.It’s little wonder then that we are today the fastest-growing publishing house in the country.

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Incredible Reasons: Why Should you choose Author’s Ink?

Author’s Ink gives various reasons why you should choose us. There are 6 reasons why Author’s Ink is unbeatable as your publishing choice.

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We are communicative

Whether it is your first book or your tenth, you as a writer will have several doubts in your mind preceding the release of your book. We at Author’s Ink understand every concern that you may have, however trivial, and are happy to respond to you from our publishing experience.

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We are transparent

Once our initial discussions are done, we cement our deal with a carefully drawn legal agreement. This protects both you as well as our publishing house. Most importantly, it takes care that no ambiguity mars our valuable publisher-author relationship, and puts us in a comfortable space to work.

Better Pay

We pay better

Your story is valuable. Your effort and your thought need the best dividends possible. We ensure that our authors get the best royalty in the market. Depending on the nature of the work, the royalties we pay may fall within the spectrum of 5% to 25%

Easily Accessible

We make your book accessible

We ensure that your book is accessible on as many platforms as possible, both online and offline. Your book will be available on all major websites and in all popular formats. For the Indian market, we also have a growing list of distributors who help us in making our books available in retail bookstores. We are adding new bookstores to our list even as we write this!

Brand name

We make you a brand name

Author’s Ink is an avid participant in book events, book fairs and other such places where our authors can get more exposure. We invite our writers to promote their works and even speak at these events. Your books—and you—will soon be hobnobbing with some of the best authors in the literary world

Book is Yours

Your book remains yours

Author’s Ink realizes the efforts that you have put into creating your book. We respect your moral and ethical right as the author of the book. Hence, the copyright will remain with you. You will hold all intellectual rights of your book for any future endeavors.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Paperback Availability

  • Interior

  • Cover

  • ISBN Allocation

  • Copyright

  • Editing

  • Proof Reading

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Proper Planniing

  • Book cover

  • Interior Design

  • Digital Proof

  • Print Run

  • Author Copies

  • Additional Author Copies

  • Amazon Kindle

  • Google Play

  • Nook Press

  • Sribd

  • Book Stores

  • Online Indian Portals



  • 24/7 Assistane

  • Facebook Promotions

  • Twitter Promotions

  • E-mail Marketing

  • Book Marks

  • Author’s Profile

  • Book Reviews

  • Book Launch

  • Video Trailer

  • Promotional Banners

  • Newspaper Pamphlets in Metro Cities

  • Promotional event at book stores

  • Promotion at book fairs

Top Selling Books Of Author’s Ink in Dec  2023

Author’s Ink sells its book on various platforms available in the market.

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The Bestseller

Those Unsaid Words

Eric Tile Dysfunction

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This Time It’s Forever

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Will You Marry Me?

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It’s All About Mahi

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And Tomorrow Comes Another Day

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Memoirs Of A Heart

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Until We Meet Again

Author Reviews: We Love our Authors, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to author base. When authors choose Author’s Ink, there is no need to worry about publishing support. With over 100 Authors and counting, you cannot go wrong with Author’s Ink. Check out what our Authors are saying about Author’s Ink.

“One of the Best Publishing house for new Writers.” – Anuj Singhal, Author

“Creating something might be difficult but once created, maintaining it to a level is even more difficult. Here at Author’s Ink, we pledge to maintain our standards 24 x 7 and help people linked to us with sincerity and devotion. But this is what we have pledged to, what we wish to do or perhaps what we are determined to do to reach success as a publishing house. But, success can only be defined if people speak about you.” – Aniket Kapoor, Founder

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