Trust Wordy Editing Works

“How do I get my work edited…?”

“I cannot find a good publisher… Getting rejections from various publishers. I feel a lack of editing is the reason… But where are good editors?”

“My manuscript got selected by a publisher but I am afraid of publishing an unedited work… Who will edit my work in such a short span?”

“I saw various advertisements of large scale editing works but the amount they take does not suit my budget… What should I do?”

Facing all these questions after writing something? Now find a common solution at Trust Wordy Editing Works.

We at trust Wordy editing works understand the notion behind the writings of a writer and edit the work to make it speak itself without playing with the story and thoughts of the writers that are behind the lines.

Book Editing Packages

  • Upto 35,000 words – Rs. 25,000
  • From 35,000 to 65,000 words – Rs. 35,000
  • Above 65,000 words – On Request.

Proof Reading Packages

  • Upto 35,000 words – Rs. 10,000
  • From 35,000 to 65,000 words – Rs. 15,000
  • From 65,000 words to 90,000 words – Rs. 20,000
    Above 90,000  words – On Request
*We will provide you sample editing before you opt any package for just Rs.1000.
(First 3 Pages/1st Chapter)
*The above packages are for English Language only.Kindly contact us to get the quote for Editing/Proofreading service for any other language.
*All published prices are subject to change without prior notice.