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Interview Of Kirti Prajapati, Contributing Author ( Memoirs Of A Heart) Part – I

1. How does an idea come for a poem come to you? It just strikes me. There is no looking for an idea, it's the idea that finds you. It's a gift that whenever a writer sees the littlest change her/his mind starts wandering around the endless possibilities. 2.At what age did you start writing? [...]

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Authors’ Ink Now accepting submissions for Academic Texts

We have now started publishing. Academic Texts i.e. Research Papers/Anthologies/Course Books.   AN AGGLOMERATION OF EXPERIMENTS WITH MIXTURE METHODOLOGY VOLUME - I & II will be available soon across various School/College/University Libraries.   We're accepting New Submissions. Join Authors' Ink Publications Today. <3

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Now read our titles on Juggernaut Books App.

Authors' Ink Publications have tied up with Juggernaut Books India's First and No.1 Mobile Phone Publishing App.

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We Have a Big Announcement to Make Tonight.

THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT RELATED TO Authors' Ink Publications   TONIGHT @8P.M. Keep following our blog to get the latest updates.

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