“What would you choose:  life or death? Who would you give preference to: yourself, your family or your friends?   She achieved everything she wanted. By founding a music studio and exploring her own love for music, she gave a way to those who wandered away from their path or had no opportunity. Her life was perfect until the day her world turned upside down. She quietly surrendered yet stood brave for the rest of the world. Then he arrived. He was her admirer and the only one she was comfortable with. But she pulled herself back when love tried to blossom again in her life with him.  What troubled her?   It was not the end of her story. Was it the beginning or a pit-stop?  Discover Adhira for yourself.” “Aditti Gaur has a past experience of working with a leading DTH company for almost 5-6 years. She started her career right after her schooling just to become an independent individual. After completing her graduation, she quitted her job as she felt that 9 to 6 job was something not meant for her and then she choose her passion for writing & engaged herself in blogging on various sections like Love, Relationships, Lifestyle, etc on her website She was born in Delhi but her complete upbringing was in Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) and now she resides in Gurgaon. “Adhira…Love; lost & found” is her debut novel. Through this she wants to make her dream of becoming an author come true.”