This book is generally a description of the common people in a poetic way. Also, about the problems they might have faced at some or the other phase of their life. Youth and other sections of the society are encouraged or given a stimulation to take a strong step against the odds and evils which they witness or find around them. While reading this book the readers would surely feel a pleasing and fascinating interest in it. Everything expressed inside the book would definitely touch everyone’s heart. Every person having this book in his hands would find it well for the change that he would recognize and the boost that he would get on to work for the country to design it more well than it is, or it would ever be. I have always believed that- “THE WORDS WRITTEN FOR SOME CHANGE ARE ALWAYS MORE SHINING THAN THE ONE WRITTEN FOR APPRECIATION.” This book is an initiative taken to stir up every mind especially the powerful youths to think-“Do I have the potential to change my country for the better or for the best from the worst.”