Ashquanda is an avid blogger, a fervid reader and a keen observer. She has a flair for writing since a very young age which has developed to be artistry in her. She is 17, a student of 12th standard in Assembly Of God Church School, Sodepur and resides in Kulti, West Bengal. Her inspiration is Shruti Agarwal, without whom Ashquanda’s story wouldn’t have been here. Crush 2 is her first chance at publishing; however Ashquanda, aspires to become an author in near future. She is a believer that ‘friendship’ is the first step towards ‘love’. She has her own blog-

Introduce Yourself.

 Formally, I am Ashquanda Iqbal studying in class 12 in The Assembly Of God Church School, Sodepur. I reside in Kulti, a small town 16kms away from Asansol in West Bengal. Informally, I am a dreamer, a thinker and a keen observer, I like to pen down my thoughts and views when and as it comes to me, because someone had told me that thoughts come and go just like the waves of the sea,swaying always, until you capture it.
When did you realize that you are born to write?
Well, I never realized that in the first place. I believe that I would tag myself as ‘Born to Write’ that day when I write something worth reading even by people who don’t have the passion for reading. However, I realized that I have a knack for writing since a very small stage where I used to translate my Hindi book’s chapters into English and present them to my family members and then all this gave birth to a writer in me, when I started framing stories some two years back, it became a passion since then.
Where did you learn about crush 2?
Last year when Crush released (book 1) I had seen the posters but I did not find myself competent enough to place my tiny article in the cosmic pool of articles and then get it selected to be published. Well, publishing is actually a big deal! So,I dropped the idea back then but this year when I saw it again on facebook, I thought to give it a try and was fortunate enough to be selected.
How did you come out with your story?. 
It just popped into my head as an idea while I was sitting alone in the playground of my school and reading a novel, at that very moment I wanted to pen down this story and when I sat down to write it, words and ideas came smoothly into my head forming a perfect anecdote.
What is your story all about? brief us. 
The story is all about beauty. Beauty which lies inside people, which is scarcely noticeable by people nowadays who judge others by the quality and quantity of selfies they post. It is also about the love of reading, as reading was something which brought Rhea and Rudraksh closer and as co-incidentally they met in the library first. It was Rudraksh who saw the true form of Rhea, hidden behind the coarse books which she held so close, it was he who noticed that she was a girl worth million others because she was different. Even she nurtured feelings for him, in fact he was her first crush who gave her the vibes which she had often read in the novels, and she was scared to speak up but later on we find that love stories are forever, if one loves the beauty hidden inside.
What are your future plans?
Well, I am actually not having any plans right now whatsoever but intend to have some, soon. There are dreams, of course to write a novel which is different in plot, like totally different, which mesmerizes the one reading it and makes it tough to put down, and which casts an overall spell on the readers that continues to linger long after reading it.

How was your experience working with us?


It has been a privileged working with Author’s Ink Publications. I feel really glad and thankful to be a part of the 18 wonderful authors who are all so supportive, frank and at the same time are skilled at this field. Special mention of thanks to Aniket Sir, for being so patient on the part of all of us and Divya & Samridhi Ma’m to go through our articles and check for mistakes, after all editing is actually a really tough job(and boring as well)!

Thank You  for giving us your valuable Time.

I hope Readers have found it Interesting.

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