12. They say, “Nobody can judge you, as much as you yourself can.” Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I would probably see myself coming out of my limo wearing Jimmy choos, ray ban, Rolex with the driver holding the door for me. I just see myself making my parents proud.

13. What would you do if you weren’t into writing?

I would probably use sketching more to express my emotions because it’s just straightforward.

14. How do you react to the reviews that you get about your writing from your readers? 

I thank them and appreciate criticism if positive.

15. What is your biggest fear?

Writer’s block!

16. Which is your favorite fictional character?

It has to be Miles Halter from Looking for Alaska.

17. Who is your favorite author?

John Green and Rhonda Byrne. No comparisons.

18. List any 3 books that you would recommend to our readers.

The secret, Looking for Alaska, Divergent series.

19. Is there one specific subject you would never write about? What would that be?

It’s no subject that I wouldn’t like to explore. I would probably write on anything

20. Which is your favorite genre? Why?

It’s self-motivation because it just never lets you give up. It develops something positive in you.

21. Which genre, according to you, is the most difficult to write? 

For me, it has to be Science Fiction because I do not have a lot of knowledge about that genre. I can write but I still am to explore the genre.

22. Are you working on your next? What is it about?

Yes, I am. It’s a motivating theme and is an anthology.

23.  What is your message to other budding poets/writers?

Never give up. You may feel like you can’t anymore writer but a writer never dies. Love yourself and your works. Never underestimate yourself.

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