Aishwerya Kapoor, is a student of Second Year B.E. (Computer Engineering) at Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, Surat, Gujarat. Originally from Uttar Pradesh, she has been born and brought up in Gujarat. Writing, singing, playing guitar and cooking are her favourite hobbies. She likes to fuse her passion and profession and believes in making most out of her life. She loves dogs. She is also an active blogger and blogs about everyday life situations, love, romance, and pain.
1. First, tell us about yourself and what is your alma mater?

The world calls me Aishwerya Kapoor. 19 years young, I am a second-year computer engineering student of Sarvajanik College of engineering and technology, Surat, Gujarat. Basically, I belong to Uttar Pradesh but have been born and brought up in Valsad, Gujarat where I completed my high school. I like to be everything at once, and I believe in living every moment larger than life. My passions include singing, composing music and writing.

2. What do you write about?

By nature, I am an ambient person and my kinky mind has a differentiated outlook towards the world. I like to observe things around me, so a larger part of my manuscripts are inspired by my everyday life. Though, I love to try my hand at romantic fiction.

3. What made you start writing?

Now this is a difficult one to answer *laugh*. As a student in school, my literature faculty were always impressed, rather impacted with my writing skills. I strongly believe all this passion within me is what I have borrowed in my genes from my parents and grandparents. My friends and siblings have always nudged me to take my writing seriously (though I hardly do, and yet things fall in place *laugh*

4. Describe your contribution to the book?

In ‘Snowflakes of Love’, the short story by me is titled ‘Sugar-free Romance’, which belongs to the genre of romantic fiction. It basically is a story of a couple, deeply in love, on whom old age has cast. It is my first short story ever in an anthology, and I am really excited about it.

5. Are you thinking of making your writing, your profession?

Well, at present, I haven’t decided to take it up as a full-time profession. I like to fuse my passion and profession, but I believe my writing will mostly be freelance. I write to express, and somewhere in the corner of my heart, I feel making this into my profession will give my creative inclination an unnecessary load of obtaining two square meals. Writing is and will always be a tool in preventing life from being mundane.

6. If you have not started writing, then what were you doing right now?

I have hardly ever thought of it, because as I have mentioned earlier, I like to be everything at once. I am very particular about my passions. I want what I want. I am a go-getter. Yes, if not a published writer, I’d continue with music or cooking, but I wanted to be a writer, and I am glad I could get published. I would find other ways, by hook or crook, but let the writing keeda out of me.

7. What is the easiest and toughest time faced on the journey of becoming a writer?

The easiest time was to pen down the thoughts or imagining a storyline, establishing the characters. Nothing was tough, though, because when you write to express, words come out from the depths of truth. But the challenging part was to complete to a fully fledged story as I am very irregular in completing or taking them to the destination.  (Sigh)

8. Did your family support you?

As I am just a beginner, they aren’t very clear about it. They have been proud of my abilities, always. But I am sure, my future endeavours will make them even more proud.

9. Describe your objective of writing in 3 words.

Peace of Mind, Keep it Simple, Silly! *wink*.

10. Are you satisfied with your work?

99.9%, yes. And that 0.1% is what will be my driving force for my upcoming pieces of writing. Being fully satisfied is treacherous!

11. What’s your message for the aspirants in this field?

I am glad that you guys consider me qualified enough to answer this. The only piece of advice I would like to share with young aspirants is to START WRITING. Torrents of thoughts flow through a mind who takes literature seriously, but not everyone has the dedication required to wade through them and pluck the right words to weave a piece. Make dirty notes, blog at large, summarise all your ideas, jot down each and everything, and take time! Spontaneity is not everyone’s cup of tea.

12. How can readers discover more about you and you work?

My social networking accounts are restricted to people I personally know. One can always drop me an e-mail at . My blog URL is

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